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A Kinder World for Dogs & Humans

We’re not your average dog training company. Founded on the principle that dogs are family, our teams use Nature-Driven Nurture™ – our revolutionary approach to dog parenting – to help humans and dogs live happier lives together.

Nature-Driven Nurture™

Our locally-owned Instinct locations have helped more than ten thousand dogs and humans co-exist together, happily and peacefully, through Nature-Driven Nurture™. Here’s how it works:

Understand Your Dog's NATURE

You complete our Nature/Nurture Assessment to help uncover the utterly unique combination of biological factors, individual traits, and life experiences that make your dog – truly – one-of-a-kind.


Customize Your Dog's NURTURE

We help you create & manage optimal environments, relationship dynamics, wellness routinesand learning experiences that work with your dog’s unique Nature to facilitate lasting behavior change.

Better Results. Stronger Relationships. Happier Dogs.

When we create environments, relationships, wellness routines, and learning experiences that work with our dogs’ individual Natures, everyone wins! Interventions are more effective. Progress is more efficient. And dogs are more relaxed and confident navigating through our human world.

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Instinct was founded in 2009 in New York City as a small, home-based dog training company with big dreams. Today, we are a national team of dog professionals working together to build a Kinder World for Dogs and Humans through Nature-Driven Nurture™.

Our Leadership Team

Instinct’s leadership team is comprised of certified behavior consultants, board-certified veterinary behaviorists, canine scientists, and business and technology specialists. 

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Our Facilities

Instinct facilities are designed by canine scientists to protect and enhance the behavioral health of dogs in our care, and to provide inclusive, comfortable learning spaces for humans and dogs.

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Our Trainers & Behavior Consultants

Instinct requires all coaches to obtain industry-leading certifications and adhere to strict national standards related to methodology and client care.

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As Seen In

Instinct and its team members are regularly featured as trusted experts in national and local print, radio, television, and online media, including The New York Times, The Daily News, NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition, NBC4 New York, NPR, Sirius XM STARS radio, and many more.

A Kinder World for Dogs & Humans

Instinct has big plans! We love helping dogs and their humans live happier lives together, and we are working hard to do so in a BIG way: we have new, locally owned Instinct facilities opening all across the country. We are also working on some exciting new Nature-Driven Nurture™ resources for humans and dogs around the world.

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