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Instinct works closely with board certified veterinary behaviorists to provide the best possible support to dogs struggling with significant fear, anxiety, and aggression issues. 

Veterinary Behavior Support

Instinct does not provide veterinary behavior services directly. However, we have close working partnerships with the following veterinary behavior clinics:

Animal Behavior Clinic - Portland

Owned by Dr. Chris Pachel, DACVB; Co-Owner of Instinct Portland; VP, Veterinary Behavior at Instinct

What they offer:

  • Remote & Vet-to-Vet consultations for pet owners living anywhere in the world
  • (Temporarily Unavailable) In-Clinic Consultations for Portland-area dog and cat owners

Animal Behavior Clinic of New Jersey

Owned by Dr. Emily Levine, DACVB; Co-Owner of Instinct Englewood; VP, Veterinary Behavior at Instinct.

What they offer:

  • In-Clinic Consultations for dog and cat owners in/around Northern New Jersey & New York City

Veterinary Behavior Solutions, PLLC

Owned by Dr. Beth Strickler, DACVB; Co-Owner of Instinct Nashville

What they offer:

  • In-Clinic Consultations for dog and cat owners in/around Nashville, TN

Success Stories

Behavior Therapy, Fear + Anxiety, Instinct East Harlem, Private Coaching, Veterinary Behavior Collaboration

Sofrito was having a very hard time settling into life in an urban environment. Noises such as bus breaks, fireworks, motorcycles and revving engines terrified her outside and she had a hard time settling in her apartment if she heard noises from the street. To help Sofrito build a strong, positive relationship with her mom, Natasha, and to use that relationship to help grow Sofrito’s confidence in other areas of her life.
Behavior Therapy, Fear + Anxiety, Instinct East Harlem, Private Coaching, Senior Dog Support, Veterinary Behavior Collaboration

Jacky displayed significant fear-based behaviors in a variety of situations, from cowering and baring his teeth if someone reached too quickly to pet him, to freezing in place and urinating in response to simple obedience cues. He also struggled with impulsivity and separation anxiety. Our goal was to help Jacky regain his confidence as he aged.


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