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Nature-Driven Nurture is our revolutionary dog parenting method that creates lasting change where other dog training frameworks fall short. It can be applied to all breeds, ages, and behavior issues to create positive, life-changing outcomes for humans and their dogs. We help dog families across the country do it successfully, everyday.

“Instinct completely changed my lifestyle with my dog! I am extremely thankful for the dedication, warmth, and success of the staff at Instinct. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Pedro R.

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Instinct is a national team of experienced dog behavior professionals. Learn more about everything your locally owned Instinct location has to offer.

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Our flexible, custom programs are individually designed to help you achieve your goals, while meeting your dog’s unique behavioral health needs.

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Check out our free online school and other self-paced learning resources put together by Instinct trainers to help you better understand your canine family member.

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