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Dog + Kid Households

There are so many wonderful benefits to raising dogs and kids together; there are also some very real challenges. We help your entire family with the skills and management they need to be successful.

Happy Dogs, Safe Kids

We help you implement a plan that keeps your dog happy and your kids safe, while fostering positive relationships that last a lifetime.

Supervision & Management. We help you map out safe supervision and management strategies that work for your dog, your household, and your schedule.

Relationship Building. We help you nurture a positive, peaceful relationship between your dog and your child, focusing on important safety rules, body language education, and age-appropriate, relationship-building games.

Behavior Therapy. For dogs who find babies and kids stressful or worrisome, we offer targeted behavior therapy to help them feel more relaxed and confident in their home.

“As a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, one of the things I see commonly in my practice is family dogs biting, or almost biting, the kids in the home. Thankfully, most dog-to-kid bites are extremely preventable once families are empowered with some basic dog-and-kid safety principles, smart management techniques, and positive relationship-building activities. And that’s great news, because as a mom and dog owner, I know how special those dog-and-kid relationships can be when everyone feels safe and supported.”

Dr. Emily Levine, DACVB
Owner, Animal Behavior Clinic of NJ

Nature-Driven Nurture™

for a Happy Dog + Kid Household

As part of every Instinct program, we help you provide your dog with optimized, Nature-Driven environments, relationship dynamics, wellness routines, and learning experiences. When we meet our dogs’ needs as a species, a breed, and an individual, we set the stage for effective, efficient learning and for happier, more fulfilled, more responsive companions. 

Success Stories

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Cooper was exhibiting some behaviors that made his new family feel uncomfortable: nipping and herding the kids (ages 11 and 13 yrs), pulling strenuously on walks and being unresponsive to cues. Our goal was to help Cooper co-exist peacefully with, and be responsive to, his family, so they could enjoy their lives together.


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Jacky displayed significant fear-based behaviors in a variety of situations, from cowering and baring his teeth if someone reached too quickly to pet him, to freezing in place and urinating in response to simple obedience cues. He also struggled with impulsivity and separation anxiety. Our goal was to help Jacky regain his confidence as he aged.

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